A Richer Life

Almost everywhere you look, someone is on an electronic device—texting, typing, emailing, or tweeting. It goes to show, people long to be connected to others. Ma Bell used to say, “Reach out and touch someone!” And we certainly took this admonition to heart as a nation. Sit for a while at dinner, and you’ll observe people chatting to one another via phone. Interesting. Two people sitting across from one another, attempting to communicate, but speaking not a word!

Rotary phone

I know present-day conveniences can be a real blessing, but they are no replacement for actually speaking with someone. Communication is much more than words. Inflection, emphasis, eye contact, body language—this is the stuff of communication. Words can be misread, misinterpreted, and totally inadequate.

So how much data usage are you blowing through this month? Do you know the friends on your Facebook account—even as casual acquaintances? Does your happiness depend on the “likes” you accumulate?

I fear with all this communication, we aren’t really talking to one another. It’s possible to be in the midst of hundreds of people and still feel alone. Our real craving isn’t for additional friend requests. It isn’t for more likes! It’s for friendship with someone, to know and be known. All this leads us back to “the beginning.” The God who created us in His image placed a desire for fellowship in our hearts.

God did not intend us to be lone rangers in this dark world. Yet our greatest longings are only fulfilled as we develop a deep and rich relationship with the One who loves us unconditionally and continually.

Oh, for a heart to communicate with God as frequently as we do with people! What if, every time we checked our texts, we also looked up a verse? Or what if we sent “emails” heavenward with every care? We would be changed people. How rich our lives would be!