Do You Talk To Yourself? Facts Vs. Truth

“What did you say?” you ask your roommate. “Oh, nothing, I’m just talking to myself.” We often laugh at those who talk to themselves, but that’s really NOT a bad habit! Check out the Psalms—David often talked to himself (“O my soul …”). An important aspect to consider is, “Do you tell yourself the truth?” The truth often mitigates bare facts.  The facts don’t always tell the entire story.  Consider the following scenarios…

Fact:  Gravity is a law of nature.  Gravity has the last word.

Truth:  An airplane is able to temporarily overcome this law. I’m grateful for this and am often the beneficiary of its power!

Fact:  Your loved ones have rejected Christ and hate your testimony.

Truth:  God is still not willing that any should perish! He is able! Pray for them!  Love them!  God delights in saving some of what we would consider the worst cases!

Fact:  I’m very timid.  I doubt God could use me in His service. I certainly can’t witness to strangers!

Truth:  God’s Word is powerful beyond our ability to understand, piercing stone-cold hearts.  He’s delighted in using “weak” things, “earthen vessels.” That way it’s obvious the power is God’s and not ours!

Fact:  A good college education is expensive, especially one that is regionally accredited.

Truth:  Our God is still the able One! He is “possessor of heaven & earth.” Ask Him for His assistance, His provision for what you can’t earn. He delights to honor our faith! He is delighted when you diligently prepare to be a quality ambassador!

Fact:  Even if I get a fine education, believers are still nobodies in this world.  It doesn’t look like it pays to serve Christ!

Truth:  God delights in choosing to use the “foolish” in the eyes of the world, “base” and despised.” We are of no account.  In fact, Paul states that we are the “off scouring” of the world. Yet, that is not God’s opinion! We are precious to Him, the objects of great love and mercy. Measure everything in relation to eternity. Our work will be greatly rewarded, and our Savior will receive great glory by our lives well invested!

Are you meditating and practicing God’s truth or wallowing in some miserable facts that are dragging you earth-ward?  Soar above the law of gravity, and mount up as eagles!