Maranatha’s First Game Show

Can you imagine winning a trip to the Bahamas at Maranatha? Yeah right! Well my own wonderful students proved it is possible a few weeks ago!

On March 2, Maranatha’s student body council hosted its first game show. Hundreds of students eagerly bought their tickets and some even turned it into an opportunity to ask a date along. :) The president of the student body and his faithful council members worked hours planning and preparing for the big night.

From guessing correct prices, to speedy thinking, and even down to Maranatha specialized commercial breaks, the students laughed and cheered the entire night. Some of the incredible prizes won were a Coach purse, an i-pod Nano, a 47-inch screen tv, and cash. The grand prize, though . . . none other than a trip to the Bahamas!

Jason Garrison  never imagined when he bought his ticket for the game show that he would be the grand winner of a cruise for two to the Bahamas! He was completely stunned when he realized what had happened! Jason decided to give his cruise to his parents who will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this summer. “I also realized it would be extremely difficult to pick just one of my friends to go on a cruise with me! ” Jason said. He sure was the most popular guy on campus that night. :)

Overall, I can say it was a night to remember! The students are still talking about it. :) I’m already looking forward to seeing what Maranatha’s student body council does for us next year!