Your College Shopping List Part #5: The Local Church

When you’re looking to choose a college, there are five questions you should ask.

1)     How will this college impact  my worldview?

2)     What opportunities does it offer?

3)     Does it have quality academics?

4)     What are the faculty like?

5)     Can I get involved in a local church?

Can I get involved in a local church?

The last of our five factors to consider in your college decision, is often overlooked by young people: Local Church Involvement. As believers, our purpose and meaning in life is found solely in our relationship with Christ. However, God does not intend for us to be islands in this world, isolated from all other community. Thus, in His sovereign plan, He has established the church, comprised of all believers. Involvement in this body is crucial in our development as a child of God, for in this body we have fellowship, community, accountability, and many other blessings. So when considering colleges, it is important to make sure that we will be able to be involved in a local church while we are at college.


Sadly, many neglect to consider that they will be spending 4 years of their life at the institution which they choose for their formal education.  For that reason, it is essential to look at whether or not our college choice will facilitate local church involvement. It would be tragic to spend 4 years advancing ourselves in academic prowess, all the while neglecting spiritual development and ministry opportunities.


Now, this does not mean that you necessarily have to attend a Christian college, nor does this mean that attending a Christian college will guarantee spiritual growth in your life. We certainly believe that Christian education is a wise decision for multiple reasons, however, regardless of where you end up going for your education, involvement in a local church will be a massive part of that education, for the local church is where we get to take those concepts and ideas which we are learning in the classroom and put them into practical use as we serve and minister to others. You can study for hours in the classroom and not learn much. It is when you face real-life issues and questions as you serve in your local church that your education begins to take root. And so, we cannot over emphasize the importance of considering your ability to be involved in a local church, when you look at your college options.

  • Tom Herbert

    I agree this should be a more focused issue, you hear many recent high school graduates talking about what college they will be attending but there is no talk about the church they will attend, that said most all college towns do have a variety of churches to choose from. 

    Tom Herbert, Pastor Jacksonville il