1st Place!


Since 2007, Maranatha has always competed in the Ranger Challenge competition, but this year it almost didn’t happen.  Due to the partial government shut down, the competition that was scheduled to take place over a three day period at Ft. McCoy Wisconsin was cancelled.  Luckily, the Brigade came up with a solution that allowed the battalions to host their own competitions and forward the results up to be tallied by State.  After the dust settled, the Charlie Company five man team was once again in the front of pack.

Ranger Challenge 2013 was another tough competition for Charlie Company’s five man team. Maranatha ROTC (Charlie Company) produced 6 well trained and well prepared Cadets to perform in the Ranger Challenge competition held at UW Madison. The team consisted of: Richard Warren (Team Coach), Elijah Walters (Team Captain), Colin Bond, Robert Truax, Timothy Kile, and Tyler Wesley. The five man Ranger Challenge team trained for over a month to prepare thoroughly for the events at Ranger Challenge 2013. Because of their intense training, sound bearing, and motivated attitude, Maranatha ROTC was able to pull out the overall win in the five man division for the entire State of Wisconsin and upper Michigan.

Victory was not easy for the men on the team. They had to train hard and determine to never give up but give 100% every time all the time. The competition was close, as was the difference in the scores between placements. Out of six events this year, the five man team of Charlie Company won first place in three: the Army Physical Fitness Test, the four mile run, and the ten kilometer ruck march. Taking these events was important to the success of the team. But giving everything they had, all the time, and never giving up or giving in, became the deciding factor in the overall victory. The Maranatha Cadets never gave an inch through the rigorous one day competition. Because of that, the rock solid Maranatha ROTC Ranger Challenge team is once again champions.


CDT Richard  Warren – MS4