Sports and ROTC? Yes!

DSC0001-XL (2)It has been a great experience here at Maranatha to be a student athlete and a cadet in the Army ROTC program. I have been playing football since my first year at here at Maranatha, and plan to continue. It is true that participating in football, or any sport for that matter, and ROTC simultaneously is not easy, but it is very rewarding. I have had countless opportunities to compete athletically and share my faith. Maranatha Athletics truly encourages a fun competitive spirit within the students at the college.

The cadets who participate in other extracurricular activities other than ROTC tend to have a well rounded college experience. People love sports and one reason for this is because of the friendships and camaraderie that is made within athletics. Cadets have opportunities to participate in various sports, and this is perfect depending on the type of athlete a cadet may be. The class schedule for ROTC doesn’t even conflict in most cases, so the athletes are able to participate and excel just as any other athlete. Playing sports and participating in ROTC encourages a more disciplined standard of living as well as helps in the developing of core leadership values and attributes.

Sports and ROTC both provide avenues for leadership. There is a need for good leadership on campus and much like people look to cadets as future officers they look to athletes as future leaders. Maranatha’s athletic teams and coaches certainly develop leaders for a lifetime of Christian service and leadership. Along with ROTC, these two make a great duo for a well rounded, disciplined leader.


CDT Jordan Dersch – MS3

dersch football